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Selling a work requires that your audience love your story, not just like your manuscript. Falling in love means starting with a great story idea, adding in an appreciation of today’s marketplace, and piling on the heart, stakes, and conflict. For many years I taught creative writing at the university level as well as at Grub Street, a nonprofit writing organization in Boston, MA. Working with hundreds of emerging authors led me to develop the Global Plotting System Analysis (GPSA), a proprietary platform for evaluating a project’s story-worthiness, including a manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. I’m pleased now to include GPSA in my full-program creative writing service—from initial concept to final submission—as well as part of my custom consulting services, ie, queries, finding and fixing trouble spots, etc., all at an affordable price.

While I work in and love all genres, my areas of particular interest are children’s lit, mystery and crime fiction, and speculative fiction.

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Global Plot System Analysis (GPSA)

Through working with hundreds of emerging authors, I developed the Global Plotting System Analysis (GPSA), a proprietary platform for evaluating a manuscript’s story-worthinessstrengths and weaknesses. GPS uses a system of checks and rechecks in order to analyze characters, plot, stakes, story arc, and voice. Strengths and weaknesses emerge with each round of review. I’m pleased now to include GPSA as part of my full-service creative writing services—from initial concept to final submission—and in my custom consulting services, ie queries, locating and fixing trouble spots, etc., all at an affordable price.

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Write On Productions

Through our successful collaboration, Write On Productions, kidlit best seller Victoria J. Coe and I offer writers a new way to get on track and stay on track, including tools, resources, and exclusive digital content. Our first publication, Writing Kidlit 101: A Self-Guided Course, released in January 2023. Our second book, Writing Kidlit 102: Your First Draft, is available now. We know how hard it is to write because we’ve been there. Both of us dreamed of writing kidlit while juggling kids and careers. Now having sold more than 350,000 books between us, we can’t wait to help you achieve your dream.

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